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May 29

Florida Bill Proposes Research For Kratom

Kratom is a type of plant that is native to Asia. It is a part of the coffee family and has been used for many years for its recreational and medicinal purposes. Kratom has become very popular in America in recent years. The Florida House of Representatives proposed a bill that would give Kratom a …

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May 01

Kratom Escapes Ban In Florida Legislature

An ambitious bill by representative Kristin Jacobs to ban the common shrub kratom has been temporarily defeated. Thanks in part to the Botanical Legal Defense fund, a lobbyist group paid for by donations from the Kratom community. After pushing hard to stump for legislation to ban the kratom plant in Florida, her bill was effectively …

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Mar 31

New Florida Bill Requests More Research On Kratom

Those who enjoy a legal high have turned to kratom, which is a Southeast Asian plant in the coffee family. While kratom has been used as medicine for centuries, it is not clear what it does in the body after ingestion or what the long-term effects are after the intial high. Use of kratom has …

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Jan 09

The Legality of Kratom in the United States

The plant Kratom, which is native to the southeast parts of Asia, is being used by people all over the world. The plant is considered an opiate substitute that can have a mind altering effect on users, and can affect other areas of health as well. This plant is legal in 47 of the states …

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