Jan 29

The Most Effective Ways To Take Kratom

takekratomKratom is a unique herb that is native to Southeast Asia and can be used for its different properties which are largely dependent on the dosage. It can be a stimulant at low doses and a sedative at high doses. Part painkiller, part medicine and part recreational drug, kratom can be ingested in various different manners depending on the desired effect.

In Thailand and other native areas the simplest form of ingestion is seen whereby the leaves are simply chewed fresh. There is a stringy vein that runs through the middle of the leaf and this is usually removed as a preference. Potency can vary depending on the season and/or the cultivation method, so it is best to start with a fairly low dosage (a few leafs) and build to the desired effect.

If the leaves are not fresh but rather dry then they can be crushed into a powder form which is often mixed with a fruit juice or applesauce to mask the taste. Dried leaves are also quite commonly made into a tea which is the most frequently used method in the West. Making kratom tea is a pretty straightforward process. The leaves are weighed and the appropriate amount placed into a pot with an amount of water according to the number of doses desired.

This mixture is boiled gently for around 15 minutes or so and then poured through a strainer into a clean container. The strained leaves can then be placed back in the pot and more water added and boiled. This may be done about 3 times and then all of the liquid is combined and boiled down to make the doses smaller. Users may find the tea to have a slightly unpleasant bitter taste and it is best to chase it with some type of juice to avoid that problem.

Finally, many sources are putting out concentrated kratom pills into the marketplace. These can simply be swallowed as one would do with any other sort of pill. The pills are usually classified by concentration such as 15x or 30x and the dosage can be quite user dependent. There are many different ways to take Kratom and it really just comes down to your personal preference.