Jan 13

Kratom: Different Strains For Different Aims

kratomstrainsKratom is a plant that has been used for centuries. To get a better understanding of Kratom, it is important to understand the different strains that exist of this organic herb. There are many different strains, all from different geographic areas and all possessing differing effects.

Maeng Da Thai

This is a famous strain that has origins in Thailand. This strain is considered by many to be the strongest strain that is currently available. Individuals may find that Maeng Da is able to replace their caffeine due to its ability to boost one’s energy. Though it is considered to be the strongest strain of Kratom, its effects are known to last in shorter time periods other strains available. When consumed in a higher dosage, Maeng Da is able to provide a longer duration of effects, while increasing its effectiveness as a pain reliever.

Bali Kratom

Bali is a popular strain of Kratom that is grown in Borneo. This strain is known for providing side effects such as relaxation and increased energy when consumed.

Malay Kratom

Though many strains of Kratom can be used to decrease pain, Malay does not have powerful affects against pain. Rather than being a pain reliever, Malay can help to free a person from feeling tense. This strain also has longer-lasting effects than other strains available.

Thai Kratom

This strain of Kratom is an effective painkiller while also providing individuals with a mild sense of relaxation. In addition to being a painkiller this strain can also cause a person’s energy to increase.

Indonesian Kratom

This strain is also known as Indo Kratom and has been effectively used to assist individuals that are experiencing withdrawal symptoms from drugs such as heroin and opium. In addition to helping individuals to get freed from various drugs addictions, Indo can also help to reduce anxiety, depression, and pain. When consumed in higher dosages, individuals have revealed that they have experienced feelings of tranquility, deep empathy, and even happiness.

Individuals are not only able to choose from a variety of strains but they can also choose how they consume this organic product. One way to consume Kratom is in powder form. The leaves are dried and crushed in order to make this powder. The powder can be placed inside a capsule and swallowed or you can choose to add the powder to other substances such as applesauce, chocolate milk, or even fruit juice. Some individuals may choose to boil the leaves in water for about 15 minutes and consume the Kratom as a tea.